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Our Guarantee to you, our valued customer, that you will receive an excellently crafted quality product each and every time you receive an order from us. Our Candles are produced fresh and daily in Southern California and shipped across the United States and available in High end retailers in South Korea.

Established in 2009, the hobby started in a kitchen later turned into business. We assure you that our good pricing, very large selection, and quality Candles can’t be beat. Thank you for purchase, we look forward to years of your satisfaction and continued Business.

DID you know…. Paraffin Candles (those you would normally buy in the store) are an undesirable part of crude oil? when you burn those candles you are burning crude oil in your home. Soy Candles are 100% natural and clean. Soy Candles burn twice as long as Paraffin wax candles. Swap your old Paraffin candle for a La Soy candle today! has a large selection of Soy Candle scents, jars, and tins for everyone’s preference and budget. Soy Candles burn longer, cleaner and the scent throw is much better than the typical paraffin wax candles. ALL of the major candle players are paraffin. Being soy wax, our candles are truly for those that appreciate a quality candle at a reasonable price. Why would you pay over $20 per candle from the “major” candle companies when you can buy a quality Soy Candle at a fraction of their price? We are about value; it’s as simple as that. We don’t have fancy labels and we don’t spend a fortune in advertising we provide value. We also out price other Soy Candle outlets and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Why don’t you use paraffin wax in your candles?

Because paraffin candles are much easier to “mass produce”, takes much less testing, … the wax costs less, you can use less fragrance oil, no curing time, and they’re much faster and cheaper to produce.

Soy wax is much harder to make, takes twice as long, and costs roughly 50% more to make.

Though paraffin candles are much easier, faster, and cheaper to make, we had to look at it from a consumers’ point of view when we made the decision to go with soy.

Our criteria:

1) Safety to health
2) Safety to environment
3) Authentic scent with no waxy overtones or “notes”
4) Renewable resource
5) Grown on American farms
6) Not supporting the mid-east oil industry or cartels. (Paraffin originates from oil.)
7) Support America here locally

Only soy meets the above criteria. If somebody truly wants the best candle they can get, they have to get a soy candle. For the high end candle lover, soy will dominate the market.
How long will my La Soy Candle last?

we don’t give “burn times” because it’s an impossible claim to state this honestly with accuracy. The reason why this is such a variable is because things such as your elevation, whether there’s a draft, whether the wick has been properly trimmed can all effect your burn time.

The way we wick our candles allows for maximum scent throw and the longest burn time. Some candle makers make their candles “too hot” and burn up too fast. It’s a “trick of the trade” others use to consume the candle faster than normal. We DO NOT do that.

Your candle should slowly burn. As the “melt pool” gets completely to the edge of the jar, that’s when you’ll get your maximum scent throw because of the full melt pool.

We could hurry up this process of creating a full melt pool by putting in a bigger wick … but … the candle will burn up too fast that way, and you won’t get the maximum enjoyment. Also, too big of a wick can affect the scent causing the scent itself to have a burnt smell.

Are all soy wax candles the same?

No. Just like paraffin candles … soy candles vary greatly in quality, pleasurable scent, the amount of scent “throw”, and the wax in the way it melts.

Variables include:

1) The quality of the soy wax (There really is a difference.)
2) The quality of the fragrance (Is it a premium or manufactures grade?)
3) The type and size of wicks used

The wicking in our candles is thoroughly tested and done correctly so your Soy Candle will burn clean all the way down.

How can I tell I am getting only soy wax in the candles I buy?

Many companies are trying to target health conscience consumers by using the term “soy candle” to describe their candles while they are actually mixing a small amount of soy wax with less expensive paraffin wax.

They are blends. Some may be honest and label their candle as a soy/paraffin blend. Most do not. And they can legally say it’s a soy candle even if it contains just 1% soy because as of right now, there are no legal labeling requirements for candles.

There are a couple ways to help you tell if you’re really getting a REAL soy candle:

1) If the wax is crystal looking, it’s PALM wax. It’s not a soy candle.

If you’d like a crystal-looking candle, which again, is made from palm wax. Along with soy, palm wax is also a natural wax, leaves little or no soot, and very clean burning. Just keep in mind they are not grown on American soil.)

2) Is the wax extremely hard, smooth, and kinda “clear” looking? Then it’s likely a paraffin candle. When you’re around real soy, you can quickly tell the difference.
3) Is the wax creamy looking? It’s probably soy.
Is the wax softer? It’s probably soy.
Does the wax “mottle” after the first burn? That’s a characteristic of soy.

Normally, we don’t use dyes (unless requested) for a few reasons:

1) The natural creamy white look of soy is beautiful
2) It keeps the soy candle as natural as possible
3) Dyes can stain clothes, furniture, and carpet if the candle is spilled
4) Some people can have an allergic reaction to a dye
5) Soy candles without dye burn better
6) There’s no potential “off-note” smell caused by the dye

Why do I sometimes buy a candle that smells great during the first couple of burns, but the rest of the burning time I can’t smell it?

Besides the quality of wax, the scent in a candle is by far the most expensive ingredient. The better quality, more expensive scent oils allow for a much better scent throw. We insist on only the finest premium quality scents. So that’s one reason.

Another reason may be the soy candle was improperly blended with the scent oils causing the oil to come to the top of the candle … leaving the bottom without scent.

Lastly and unfortunately, as with any other industry, some unscrupulous tactics exist in the candle making industry. Some candle makers make a “double pour” on their candles. Their trick is by mixing a lower portion of scent in the bottom of the candle.

Our Soy Candles put out the same scent-throw all the way to the bottom of the candle for your maximum enjoyment.

We believe my success lies in our customer’s satisfaction, and so we strive hard to put the best candle … in every way … on the market.

How long should I burn my candles before blowing them out?

All candles, soy or paraffin, should be burned at least until the “melt pool” reaches the edge of the container. This helps eliminate “tunnel burn.”

By the way, the best way to “blow out” a candle is not by blowing it out at all. Otherwise, there will be leftover burning going on in the wick creating smoke. Simply dip the wick in the melt pool and pull it back up. Wick-Dippers are commonly used for this.

When does a wick need trimmed?

Wicks should be trimmed whenever the wick gets a “mushroom” appearance. A good rule of thumb is to trim the wick to 1/4 inch every time you light the candle. This will help you get optimum burn time.
Why do a soy candle burn longer than paraffin candles?

Soy candles burn at a much lower temperature so it makes them less combustible, and slower burning than paraffin. Some paraffin candles advertise long burn times. However, these candles have stearic acid added to the wax. While there’s been no research to suggest stearic acid itself is harmful … its’ presence increases the amount of black soot released by the paraffin candle. Our Soy Candles adds NO stearic acid, or other additives to our candles. We use only natural plant extracts for the wax.

How do you make a candle out of soybeans?

Soy wax is made through a process of boiling raw soybeans, and then hydrogenating them several times to produce a wax-like state. The process for our unique candles produces clean burning candles with the ultimate scent throw.

Do you use lead wicks?

No way! … not even metal zink wicks either. We use all-natural cotton wicks in all our candles. Due to the fact our candles use organic matter for the wicking … sometimes when extinguishing the candle (only by blowing it out) you may see a small puff of gray smoke. This doesn’t contain any of the toxins associated with the black soot so common to paraffin candles, and is harmless.

Lead wicks are banned in any candle produced in America.

Zinc wicks are a very common and popular wick used by many large candle manufacturers such as New York candles, and smaller candle makers. We opted not to use zinc wicks because they do contain traces of lead in them … however, the alleged experts say that the amount of lead in zinc wicks is “negligible”, and are safe.

But we feel … “why take any chances at all if there’s a natural and clean alternative?”

To test for any metal in the wicking run a piece of paper over the unused wick. If it contains any metal you will see a light gray pencil type mark.

So what’s wrong with buying paraffin candles?

One of the first by-products produced when processing petroleum is paraffin … essentially making it a toxic waste product. In most industries disposing of waste products is one of the highest costs of business. But the petroleum industry found a way to eliminate this cost in paraffin wax.

Oil refineries are tightly regulated by the EPA when they burn off waste materials. However, take a trip to almost any store, and you can purchase the waste material to take home and burn in your own home!

The candle industry is a $2.9 billion a year industry. Even though soy candles are quickly becoming known as a safe alternative to paraffin candles, most candle purchases are still paraffin candles … which allows the petroleum industry to profit greatly from their waste.

In all fairness though, the petroleum industry introduced paraffin long before we understood it’s harmful effects. However, there’s no excuse any more. Today’s research shows us just how toxic this product is.

Here’s just one study showing the emissions from a paraffin candle. In a random sampling of 30 paraffin candles the Environmental Protection Agency found the following toxins:

Acetone (known carcinogen)
Benzene (known carcinogen)
Carbon Disulfide
Carbon Black Particulate Matter (soot)
Carbon Tetrachloride

These emissions are the same as those produced by burning diesel fuel, and have been known to cause upper respiratory problems. There are many activities in today’s society which leave us with no healthy choice. However, candle burning is not one of them.

We all have a better alternative now. You can now burn soy wax candles, and enjoy the wonderful aromas without sacrificing you or your family’s health.

How long does it take for me to get my order?

Because our soy candles are custom-ordered and hand-made, please allow up to 5business days for us to make them (It takes a few days for your candle to cure), and then the standard USPS ground time to reach your destination. We are positive you’ll find it’s well-worth any small wait.

What is and phone and how do I contact you?

You may reach us at:

La Soy Candles & Soaps, LLC
225 W 3rd st

Long Bech CA, 90802


The easiest way to reach us is by email: All emails are answered within a couple of hours at the latest.

Thank you for shopping at La Soy Candles. We, America, and the American soy farmers appreciate your business!